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Our web sites are designed around the latest Content Management Systems (CMS). In a nut shell, CMS is a software that makes it easy for non-techies to organise and manage web content. This means that once the website is designed and up and running, the client can take over and update it as frequently as required and it makes maintaining and updating a website simple and affordable. In the not so distant past, updating a website meant passing off your latest content or any changes to a designer and programmer who would convert it into HTML. Things often got lost in translation, specially some of the finer points of style and layout. The process was slow and painful for everyone involved, not to mention expensive.website development tree

Nowadays, thanks to the advent of WYSIWYG editors (What You See Is What You Get) and content management systems, you donʼt need a degree in computer science to update a website. If you can successfully send an e-mail, you can update a web page. Of course CMSʼs can range from free, open source software to enormously expensive custom-designed solutions. We use various CMS systems to design the primary site layout with a robust internal structure and a user friendly front end editor.

A CMS is an enormous boost to the small business and organization which do not have a massive IT budget. It simplifies the process and puts the website back into the hands of content creators, allowing you to spend more time on what really matters—your content. One of the benefits of using the modern day CMS such as WordPress as a content management system is that first and foremost WordPress is blogging software. Thatʼs what it was designed for. This means that it is perfect for managing consistently updated content. You may be thinking that your website doesnʼt need a blog.  You might want to reconsider.  Even if you decide not to have a traditional blog, the blog functionality is still extremely useful which can power any type of consistently updated content such as news updates, Press releases, feature articles, newsletters, portfolios and much more. A good CMS takes care of all this  and organises your content chronologically and categorically. The updating can be done from any platform such as your tablet or a smart phone. A constantly updated site is raked much higher is the search engines than a static one!