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Search engine optimisation has grown ten folds in the last decade and is the most extensively offered service by web designer and e-marketing companies. It is therefore worth mentioning that there are two ways of optimising a website to appear higher in the search engine’s natural listings: the ethical way and the unethical way. These are also known as “white hat SEO” and “black hat SEO”.  We only use the ethical way, using white hat SEO, as this is the only sustainable, long-term optimization technique.

There are many websites out there, designed by professional and armatures alike, which are loaded with key words in every bit of text on the header, footer, page body and any visible and indeed invisible area on the site. To optimise using unethical methods can seem an attractive proposition as the results can be gained quickly, but these are often short-lived. The minute that Google realises what you are doing, your website will be removed and your domain blacklisted. This can cause immeasurable damage to your business as studies have shown that Google can blacklist the domain indefinitely. This could mean you would have to start with a new domain name and a new website. It is important that when one you are optimising your website for Google you adhere to some simple, ethical rules to ensure that what you’re doing is not against Google’s and other search engines code of practice. This will avoid future problems and ensure that everything that you do will be helping your ranking and not harming your site.

Our attitude to web design and authoring is simple. A good web site is the one which is primarily design for the best user experience and targeted to the audience and market which our client is aiming for. We follow the latest effective webmaster rules and guidelines for content and external and internal linkage. We manually submit the finished site to the key search engines and analyse the web crawler data to optimise site rankings. In our view, there are no short cuts to authoring a well-structured site using state-of-the-art content management systems to continually improve page ranking.

We also offer a free pay per click (PPC) set up service directly with Google which is controlled by the client. We do not use any other sourcing agencies to carry out site optimisation. If you are a local business or an individual with a catchment area, we will set up a free Google + page with your new site so that you benefit from the search engines geographic listings.