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Social media has become the number one activity on the web. Business keeping in touch with their clients through the internet is essential these days and for many businesses, most of their customers are found through the internet and especially through the social media platforms.

Social media has evolved very quickly with an explosion and shaping the lives of the young and old through many different formats. At first it was the introduction of Facebook in 2004, which encompasses the feature of creating pages for both small and large businesses where it is possible to interact with clients through private messaging and through the comments of the businesses’ posts. The next big revolution was Twitter in 2006, this some believe took IM (Instant Messaging) to a new level. Blogging before this was a massive industry but with Twitter being able to satisfy hundreds even thousands of people at once took the world by storm. Even though Facebook was considered the more professional approach for businesses in terms of boosting business, Twitter uses the same features just in a different style. There is still private messaging which is known as a DM (Direct Messaging) by the Twitter world and it is possible to reply to statuses and the user is able to exaggerate their feelings for the status by RT (Re-Tweeting) and being able to favourite the tweets. There have been many social networking sites that have followed these two giants as rivalry has grown stronger between the pair but every business, big or small need to use all available social media platforms to thrive in the modern day world.

Therefore, social media integration on a website is a MUST for businesses wishing to expand and broadened their horizons. We, as a matter of rule and from the start set up and integrate social media into your website. It is the easiest way on the internet for perspective clients to connect with your business and learn more about what you do from a dynamic, two way interaction through the social media setup. Therefore with a professionally made website and correctly connected social media icons, your business will have the best opportunity to grab the attention of your potential clients on the world wide web. By offering this service, it takes the stress out of constantly replying to e-mails and by using hassle-free services such as Twitter and Facebook it gives you more time to focus on your business and not the logistics of the electronic communications which goes with it.

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